About us

What I want for you: I want to feed you food like no one else can serve. I want it to be the yummiest, most authentic Indian food you have ever had. Every recipe and every ingredient should have a story and a past. I want it to be convenient and affordable for your family.

What I want for us: I want our workplace to be full of good vibrations and I want our children to enjoy being involved in our family business. I want them to see the importance of treating people with respect, grace and kindness. I want people to work with us even if they can’t do the 9 to 5, but because they share our passion. This is my happy place, Chachu’s At Home. This is more than just Food Delivery to us. And this is why…

Growing up in India, I watched my parents treat their guests like they were Gods. With every care taken to feed them and care for their comfort. Nothing changed when we moved to Manly back in 1986 and we had Maria our Greek neighbour pop by for a Chai and Samosa. Obviously we fed her till she could eat no more! Only then would my family feel like that had taken care of their guest properly! Their restaurants were just an extension of their home and for 35 years I have watched my family of "Feeders" dote on each guest and feed them generously.

My own journey took me travelling and working in many different vocations, but I ended up right back where I belong and doing what I now know bought ME the most joy. Feeding others. My dream is to bring you that feeling of finding the most authentic food you would find in India; and as I discovered, in many parts of Britain!

When we add something to the menu, I want you to experience that feeling you get when you’re travelling, and you come across a little hole in the wall restaurant that you know is the real deal. We cook for you how we would cook for ourselves. That’s the difference. And we want to offer you what you can’t get anywhere else. As Feeders, it's what excites us most.

I have a dream to take you to Rajasthan, Gujrat, Kerala, offering you those culinary delights I’m lucky enough to experience because I’m a “local”. I want you to experience Diwali, Dussera, Rakhi and all the Indian Food Festivals - all here in Australia. Our Festive Boxes and Regional Boxes invite you into our home to show you how delicious and diverse India really is. I believe you want more than to eat, but to open your eyes wide at that first bite and feel like you’ve tried something completely new today. If you like new and you like authentic, we are unagi.

I love seeing how you serve the dishes at home to your family, it’s what keeps us going. I love writing your orders out on our Chahcu’s Bag and seeing your messages of love and support to each other during uncertain times.

Opening up jobs and keeping Dad’s kitchen open during Covid has been a blessing for us. It’s all thanks to you we are able to employ people and now able to donate food to so many in need during these difficult times. We are so happy to be working that we smile all day long in the kitchen. Your support is everything.

We just want to cook for you the way we would cook for ourselves, it’s that simple. It’s what you deserve and it’s our pleasure to do so. All you need to do is Fridge it, Freeze it or Reheat it and Enjoy xxx

Love Tash